About askmar publishing

askmar publishing — markets and publishes color electronic books in pdf, ePub and Kindle formats. askmar publishing is a fully owned subsidiary of askmar.

Want to learn how to publish an electronic book? We can help!

Preserving Your Legacy

Electronic books are becoming of increasing economic importance. For many book categories, electronic book revenues equaled or exceed those of paper book in 2011. Twenty years from now, books that do not have an electronic book version may be largely unavailable to the mass market.

Making a Better Impression

We focus on updating out-of-print books with color illustrations, photographs, bi-directional hypertext indexes and other enhancements that provide more value to the reader than the original book. Photographs and illustrations can be placed precisely where should be, not where it was convenient in a page layout program, or dictated by the requirements of printing photographs separately.

Superior Royalties

We offer substantially better royalties than major publishing firms.


Our titles are currently available on Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, CreateSpace, Google and Kobo.

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