SAIL Spinners Dinner

On April 28, 2015, a SAIL (Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory) Spinners reunion dinner was held at Chef Chu’s in Mountain View, CA; the same day as the celebration of the Stanford Computer Science Department 50th anniversary. There were 120 people seated at 11 tables. Here are pictures of some of the tables: #SAILSpinner

Arthur Keller, Jim Davidson, Linda DeMichiel, Martin Frost, Bill Scherlis, Jo Leilest, Richard P. Gabriel, Elaine Kant, Steve Rubin, Amy Lansky
Table 4-Amy Lansky, Richard Gabriel, Bill Scherlis, Arthur Keller-27
Oussama Khatib, Bernie Roth, Harlyn Baker, Ken Salisbury, Larry Tesler, Bob Tucker, Fred Wright, David Wilkins, Cordell Green
Table 5-Bob Tucker, Ken Salisbury, Harlyn Baker, Bernie Roth-29