Maureen Garrett

Maureen is a first-time author, but has been creating and telling stories for her three children since they were born. Mr. Kiwi was always the most requested story at bedtime.
Mr. Kiwi was first put to paper by Colleen Garrett (her oldest daughter) for her high school creative writing class. It was subsequently enhanced by her younger daughter, Shannon Garrett. Once the words and color pencil illustrations were created, it became a hit with friends and family. Maureen and her daughters are thrilled to share it with you now.

An avid reader and writer with a big imagination, Maureen still loves to create a story that captivates the listener. Now that her children are grown, she looks forward to creating more stories for future grandchildren and readers like you.

Stefan Marković

The illustrator for Mr. Kiwi by Maureen Garrett, Stefan Marković was born in 1993 in Lazarevac, Serbia. He obtained a Faculty of Digital Arts degree in Belgrade, Serbia, as a graphic designer and illustrator and works as an illustrator for electronic game companies, fashion brands, advertising agencies and many others. Stefan is a passionate artist who lives through his work and teaches part-time in a comic book school.