Seeing Jesus — Glimpses of God in My Life

What does it mean to “see Jesus”?

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The miracles of God are all around us, but can we see them? ... Do we take them in? Can we really see them with our eyes, our minds, our hearts? ... [This book] encourages us to “open our eyes” and see the presence of Jesus.

Though Jesus is an ever-present reality in our lives, we often fail to recognize his presence. In this series of short reflections, Kim V. Engelmann reminds us that God is at work in our daily live surrounding us, sustaining us, and empowering us. Learning to “see Jesus,” to experience Jesus, and to recognize Jesus’ presence in our lives is a lifelong journey. Seeing Jesus will help sharpen your vision and deepen your awareness so you can see the signposts of grace more clearly along the way.

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