Food / Cooking

The Chinese Cookbook
First published in 1972, The Chinese Cookbook by Craig Clairborne and Virgina Lee remains one of the best Chinese cookbooks. For many Americans, The Chinese Cookbook opened the door to a world beyond chop suey and egg foo young.”
A Cooks Guide to Chinese Vegetables
This book provides practical information for buying fresh produce in a Chinese or Asian market. What is it? How do I choose a good one? Should it be green or yellow, soft or hard? Peeled or left whole? And then, how to serve it? Is that the flavor it should have, or have I done something wrong?
Cooking with Herbs and Spices
Craig Claiborne’s Cooking with Herbs & Spices provides a sampling of the cuisines from around the world, showing how 54 herbs and spices can be used to do everything from adding zest to a soup to transforming a sophisticated dinner recipe.
Gourmet Chinese Regional Cookbook
The Gourmet Chinese Regional Cookbook provides an introduction to the wide variety of cultures within China by describing and identifying the social and historical forces that have molded each region. It explains why a particular region came to produce its own unique flavorings and culinary styles — from the mild dishes of Peking to the spicy dishes of Szechwan to the piquant dishes of Canton.
Craig Claiborne’s Kitchen Primer
The absolute best cookbook for learning, preparing and serving up delicious food to your family without the need for becoming a gourmet cook.
The Modern Art of Chinese Cooking
This exceptional book explains the underlying philosophy of Chinese cuisine, exploring the yin and yang, the harmony of opposites underlying all aspects of Chinese life. With amazing attention to detail and authenticity, it teaches not only how to prepare a recipe, but also provides the background information on the regions where they originated, when and how they are served, and what changes were made to the original dish.
Mrs. Chiang’s Szechwan Cookbook
This was the first authentic Szechwan cookbook to appear in the United States and is still regarded by many as the best. It contains Chiang Jung-feng's childhood memories of her mother's fragrant Szechwan kitchen providing a rare insight to the Chinese spirit and rural way of life.
Pei Mei’s Chinese Cookbook, Volume I, II, and III
These cookbooks were the first to teach authentic regional style Chinese cooking to the public. They demystified Chinese cooking techniques and became de rigueur for every bride in Taiwan.
A Guide to Market Fruits of Southeast Asia
Fruit lovers both in and out of Asia will find the more than 80 descriptions of fruits in this book, with its hints on how to select, prepare and use them, to be indispensable.